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Safe Use of Your New Compressor

This Serious Air Compressor is a serious tool. It is not a toy and requires Adult supervision at all times.

Always wear Safety glasses when using the compressor.

Keep children well away from the compressor and air-line during use.

Do not allow children to use an inflation device with your compressor.

Do not use the compressor to blow yourself or anyone else down to remove dust.

High pressure air blown against human skin can force its way into the bloodstream and cause an embolism, tiny air bubbles in the blood accumulating in the heart which can be fatal.

Compressed air blown playfully into any body cavity can be fatal to the recipient.

Compressed air blown into an eye or ear can result in permanent loss of function or death.

Ensure all air-line fittings are properly connected before starting the compressor.

Keep air-line fittings out of the sand or lay them on a towel or cloth, if the safety valve goes off the burst of high pressure air emitted may send a shower of sand onto anyone close by.

Do not inflate a “repaired tube” on a split rim unless you take precautions to catch the rim should it burst off during inflation. World-wide there have been many deaths due to split rims blowing off the wheel during inflation. You can slide the wheel and rim assembly under the vehicle with the hose attached and inflate it there. As a precaution inflate the tire well above your normal running pressure and then deflate it back to normal before removing it from under the vehicle.

The process of compressing air produces heat! The compressor and motor will get up to 100 degrees Celsius or more quite routinely; at this temperature it will cause a serious burn if touched without protection.
Carry the hot compressor using the handle supplied.

The metal fittings on the compressor end of the air hose will also get very hot. Use gloved hands or cloth insulation when disconnecting the hose.