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If you use your compressor out of a drawer system it will help keep the air filter pristine and the original one will last indefinitely. An occasional clean with a vacuum cleaner is worthwhile whilst a blow from inside out with your air pistol or blower will get rid of most loose dust.
To test your filter deflate a tire to a preset amount then with the air filter removed in a very clean still environment, pump for a given time and check the pressure achieved. Replace the air filter and repeat the test. If you don’t achieve the same pressure, replace your air filter.

4. Inspect and Clean.

Apart from the other items already mentioned there is little more to do except to keep the whole unit clean. Especially the air hose fittings. They should be kept free from sand and grit to make sure that they lock properly and securely. The last thing that anybody needs is a tire chuck propelled at speed from the hose because the fitting didn’t lock properly.

Using your compressor.

The remote control makes using your compressor very quick and convenient.

Regardless of which method of installation that you adopt, the method of use is the same.

After connecting the electrical cables to the compressor simply walk to the tire that you wish to inflate, remove the dust cap and attach the ball foot chuck to the valve.

Be sure that you have pressed the chuck right down onto the valve as it must be right down for the centre probe to depress the spring loaded valve and open it to allow air to flow into the tire.

Start the compressor by pressing the grey button or button number 1 in the newer units. If the compressor starts to labour or the pressure relief valve cycles you can be sure that the chuck is not properly connected to the valve. Correct this situation and try again.

The joy of using this system is that once you have connected the chuck you can perform the rest of the operation in a standing or sitting position if required.

Your back and your knees will love you for it!

After pumping for say 20 seconds press the orange button or the Number 1 button again on the remote to stop the compressor. Check the inline gauge to see what the pressure is then keep adding air in say 5 or 10 second increments until the desired pressure is achieved.