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Add up the total time that you pumped for and that will now give you a starting point to time your other tires that you want to pump up to the same pressure.
With very little practice you will know that you need to pump your front tires for “x” seconds and your rear tires for “y” seconds to achieve the correct pressures.

Repeat the procedure for the other tires and you are done. Pack away your hose and have that cold drink while you wait for your mates to finish!

If you have been running around the beach or rocks for a while you will get a bit of heat build up in each tire and this will lead to inaccurate cold pressures for highway use. I have constantly found that you need to add 4 PSI to the reading when inflating your tires on return to the bitumen. This will give you a correct cold reading next morning ensuring that you made that high speed drive home correctly inflated.

What to do if your remote won’t work.

As good as the remote switching is there may be a time when the battery in the remote goes flat or you have misplaced or lost it or there is a malfunction in the system which renders the remote switching useless.

No problem, we have a manual fail-safe back up to get you going really quickly.

A “wired” remote is supplied with the compressor and all you need to do is to disconnect the blue bullet connectors that connect two of the wires joining the solenoid to the unit in the base. The bullet connectors sit just above the black convoluted tubing holding the 4 wires together. Only 2 of the wires have bullet connectors in them and they have been coated with electrical grease so that they will pull apart easily. Pull the “blue coloured” connectors apart, being careful to pull on the plastic bits and not the wires.

When the connectors separate the male ends are attached to the wiring going into the base, these have no electricity in them so they can’t short out on themselves or anything else. Leave them where they lie. Next insert the male connectors on the wired remote into the female connectors now hanging from the solenoid switch.

You can now either unravel the switch wire and take it to the tire that you want to inflate, turning the compressor on or off just as you could using the wireless remote.
To save time if you have a buddy with you, get your buddy to stand at the compressor and do the switching as you call out “on” or “off”. That will save you having to roll up the wired remote switch wire, when you have finished.