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When your battery is charged up again, reconnect the solenoid wires and try the wireless remote again. If the compressor works correctly, then you know that the cause was extremely low voltage when pumping.

If the remote still does not work, take the battery out of one remote and exchange it for a new one. Try the remote again. It is possible that the remote battery has just enough power to light up the buttons, but insufficient to communicate with the receiver unit. Test all the remote batteries with a volt meter, they should be close to 12 volts to be good.
If the batteries test “good” then ring us for advice on the next move. Our phone number is on the contacts page!

A Word About Remote Controls.

I have often read discussions about our “Serious Air” compressor on different forums on the Internet and whilst there is a lot of intelligent discussion there is always one “self proclaimed” expert who “bags” the use of a remote control on a portable compressor claiming them to be gimmicky at best and basically useless!

When you have a portable compressor that weighs about 14.5 KG and needs No 2 B&S size cables it makes a lot more sense to take the air hose to the tire rather than the whole compressor.
It also follows that we want to be able to switch it on and off from where we are using it. It didn’t take too much effort to realise that we needed a remote switch.
We started using a wired switch but it is a hassle to have to roll up 6 metres of cable every time we wanted to use the compressor. Hence we developed the wireless remote!

Our wireless remotes have proven to be extremely reliable.

We have only had to replace one remote control switch and one circuit board. In the case of the remote switch failure the second remote switch that we supplied with the compressor when it was purchased was fine and allowed the owner to use his compressor as usual whilst we replaced the faulty one.
In the case of the failed circuit board the owner was able to use the wired remote until we replaced the circuit board.

I remember purchasing our first 4x4 that had electrically adjustable rear view mirrors from the driver’s seat. I thought “My God, what next? What a load of bull....!”

Well, I have to say that I only had the vehicle a few hours before I realized that these new electrically adjustable mirrors were “the best things since sliced bread.”

I’m sure that you will regard your new “remote-switching” compressor in the same light.