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Battery types:
Basically any type of cranking battery rated at 600 CCA or better will operate with the Serious Air Compressor with 100% suitability. DO NOT connect the compressor up to a Deep Cycle battery. Deep Cycle batteries are designed to give low amp voltage.

Using your Deep cycle battery with this compressor will “kill” your expensive battery.

Cranking batteries can give 200 +  Amps, required to operate a Serious Air compressor, down to 11.8 volts and can be charged up from there as many times as you like, for the life of the battery, without any ill effects.

From our experience avoid the types that claim to be dual purpose – “Marine Style” dual purpose cranking and Deep Cycle battery.
I killed one of these batteries prematurely when we first started using our original compressor that was powered by a starter motor.

How can I use a “Serious Air” Compressor if my existing auxiliary battery is a “Deep Cycle” type?

No problem, run your compressor off your starting battery!

This is recommended practice for the other “high draw” 4x4 accessory, the electric winch!
Even if you have a winch fitted you won’t ever be using it and the compressor at the same time.

Another advantage of this practice is that modern dual battery controllers give priority to the “starting” battery immediately at start up and only start powering the auxiliary battery when the starting battery reaches a preset voltage, usually 12.3 or so volts. This lets the starting battery come up before joining both starting battery and auxiliary battery together.

You can assist a tired starting battery with an immediate minimum boost of 80-100 amps while pumping (depending on your alternators' capacity) by running your motor at a fast idle (1000 RPM) while using your compressor.

If you are worried about starting a tired battery after that don’t turn your motor off after inflating your tyres. Pack up your air hose, compressor, etc, with your motor idling and drive off when you are ready.

Will connecting the compressor up to my vehicles starting battery damage my vehicles computer (Engine Management System)?

Your EMS computer is a sensitive device and as such always demands consideration. Here are a few simple precautions to ensure that your EMS computer does not receive a spike and consequent damage.
If these directions are followed correctly your EMS will be fine.