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If you consistently pump for longer than 4 minutes you will do well to provide some extra forced ventilation especially if the compressor is in a confined space. Small inexpensive 12 volt computer fans can be installed through the side of a drawer to introduce a cross flow effect to aid cooling. You can take power off from the solenoid switch so that the fans will operate while you are using the compressor with the drawer open.

Two stainless steel, louvered, cupboard vents installed over holes top and bottom in the drawer face will enable the compressor space to draw and circulate air when the drawer is closed on a hot compressor after use.

This small consideration will ensure that your compressor, with a bit of maintenance lasts for a very long time.

Hard-wired Installation
Please read all the information in the previous section as it is all relevant except for the need for having and Anderson plug to separate the wiring to allow for the opening and closing of the drawers.

Whilst being well sealed against dust ingression it is not designed nor recommended that the unit is ever immersed in water.
Damage caused by water immersion will void your warranty.
To some extent then this will rule out fitting the unit under the vehicle if it is low enough to be swamped during creek crossing etc.

If you have room high up under the bonnet then by all means install it there, and replace the air filter with a large internal diameter hose that is plumbed into your engine’s air filter on the engine side of the filter of course so that it is only breathing clean filtered air! An engine bay can be a dusty place so picking up air from this source will mean that you never have to worry about replacing the compressor’s original air filter.

Make sure all the comments about installing the cables in the last section are adhered to and make sure that you run the compressor through the fuse supplied or any other similar Amp. fuse!

This situation is the ultimate in convenience. Simply hook up the air line and start pumping.

Installation for use with a receiver (air tank)

For many people plumbing a receiver into the system is a desirable thing to do.