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Maintenance of your Serious  Air Compressor.

Maintenance is covered under four main categories.

1. Lubrication.   2. Electrical.     3. Air Filter.   4. Inspect and Clean.


Your Serious Air compressor comes to you " lubricated for life" and run in.
Internal parts, pistons, bores and bearings have been Teflon coated and need no further lubrication. 
The small amount of Teflon that will carry through the compressor for a while will not damage your tyres.

2. Electrical.

12 and 24volt compressor needs good electrical contacts, firm fitting and free from corrosion. Keep an eye on all of the electrical connections and be especially critical of the battery post connections. Keep the wiring clean and free from oil and dust.

3. Air Filter.

The air filter is a vital part of your compressor.
Dirty air will kill your compressor, while clean air will keep it going indefinitely.