Photo - Barry and Margaret with their beloved Landcruiser.
My partner, Margi and I have a Toyota Landcruiser 100 series, with 305x16 tyres. This is the fourth Landcruiser that I have owned. My first was a 1964 FJ45 into which I had fitted a belt driven air-conditioning compressor for pumping up my tyres. I had many years of excellent service from that unit, however, all of the vehicles I owned after that one, had no room in the engine bay to fit a belt driven compressor.
For a long time I made do with those small battery-driven models that take forever to pump the tyres, and usually die after the first year of use. About seven years ago I purchased one of Wayne Thomson’s Serious Air units.

This reliable unit is stored in a rear drawer of the Landcruiser, wired through an Anderson plug to my battery system. It pumps my tyres from 15psi to 38psi in less than 30 seconds. I have had seven years of trouble free operation from this unit, and it has had a lot of use on our many 4WD excursions over those years.

It is so fast, easily accessible, and efficient, that often in a convoy situation I have been able to pump the tyres of other vehicles as well as my own, in the same time it has taken some in the convoy to air up one vehicle.

Because it is so easy to reinflate the tyres for heavy sand or beach use, I am more inclined to de-air when I think a situation would make a safer 4WD experience, or a more comfortable ride on corrugated roads.

I have never had a compressor as good as this one, and have no hesitation in recommending the Serious Air Unit to anyone considering a high quality compressor purchase.

Barry Kennedy
Boyanup WAAnchor