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Serious Air Testimonial -John Coombes
I bought my Serious Air pump and compressor about 4-5 years ago and it's bolted into one of the drawers at the back of my Landcruiser.  Apart from previous use, last year we did 22000 km around Australia inland, towing a 3.5 ton off road caravan, nearly all on dirt roads. The trip included the Oodnadatta Track, the Birdsville Track, and the Peninsula Development Road (crossing the Jardine River on the ferry) up to the tip of Cape York.  Then back again, then followed the Savannah Way on the alternative dirt road route all the way across the top, up north to the Mitchell Falls and the Gibb River Rd, finally back on tar and home to Perth.
Most of the roads were atrocious, corrugated, with bull dust holes bumps, dips and so on.  All of this necessitated letting down and pumping up 8 tyres (16 and 17 inch) many many times, often in dusty conditions, which were taken care of by the air filter.  The pump never missed a beat.  In the past, with smaller pumps, I'd have a cup of tea during the pumping up exercise.  With the Serious Air, it's so fast and powerful I couldn't keep up from tyre to tyre, checking the air pressure, before the next one was fully inflated.  It seemed like I was spending more time getting the hose out and then packing it away than actually pumping up the tyres.
Since buying it, proprietor Wayne has always been most helpful, answering questions and being very helpful with matters such as using a rattle gun with it.  I thoroughly recommend it.
John C
Hillarys WA