Testimonial for “Serious Air” 12 volt Portable air compressor.

My previous 4x4 was a Land Rover Discovery 300tdi and I built myself an “Endless Air” style setup on that vehicle. (An engine driven air conditioner compressor running off an extra belt from the crankshaft pulley).
It was great system, but I sold it with the vehicle, because it was just too much drama to fit to my new 3litre Nissan Patrol!   It’s a nightmare trying to fit these engine driven units into modern engine bays that barely have room for a second battery.
I now have a “Serious Air” compressor that uses the same “Sanden” air conditioning compressor as the “Endless Air” setup, but it’s now driven by a series wound high quality industrial electric motor, that can now be mounted anywhere.   The compressor is not restricted to the engine bay. In fact I have mine in my drawer system. 

I couple it up to heavy power wires using a large capacity “Anderson plug” when I want to use it and just leave the drawer open while I’m pumping up my tyres.  
Because it’s tucked away inside the drawer, it doesn’t get covered with dust, mud or water as can happen in the engine bay and is therefore a “no maintenance” proposition.

It takes me longer to coil up the hose and pack it away than it does to “air up” when I come off the
beach.   I can pump a 275 x 70 R17 tyre from 16 psi - 35 psi in 30 seconds.
I’m rapt in my “Serious Air” Compressor and it will be coming with me when I change my vehicle sometime in the future.   It will be as easy as lifting it out of the drawer, placing it in the new vehicle, and running some “fused Heavy Duty” wires up to the “Anderson plug”.

I could not be happier with my “SERIOUS AIR COMPRESSOR”.

Rudi Meneghello   (Leeming, Perth.   W.A.)   March 2010