What’s Packed
12 and 24 volt Receiver Model
 12 volt model = 2 x 1800mm  long 35mm square (2AWG  / 2B&S ) electric cables with crimped terminals on each end having 8 mm holes.
24 volt model = 2 x 1800mm  long 16mm square (4AWG  /4B&S ) electric cables with crimped terminals on each end having 8 mm holes.
Fuse holder plus 250 Amp fuse for 12 volt and 150 Amp for 24 volt.
Air hose - 10metre x 10mm internal hole diameter Australian Made PVC with “Nitto” style Quick connect couplings on each end.
High pressure flexible hose with a non-return valve for coupling compressor outlet to receiver with  ¼ inch BSP female outlet plus ¼ inch male adapter.
4 port Manifold with holes at each end and one underneath opposite the 4 ports. All ports and holes tapped ¼ BSP parallel thread. 2 threaded plugs and one male /male adapter are supplied so that various configurations can be adapted to a specific situation and directly mounted onto the receiver for convenience.
One way valve, for inlet side of manifold
Pressure switch  typically 70-100 psi (490-700 Kpa) on/off range.
150 PSI (1050 Kpa) safety relief valve.
High quality air gauge.
Nitto style female outlet coupling.
Dashboard “Run” light kit. (Not pictured.)
Warranty registration sheet.
Warranty statement for your records.
Customer support -contact details.
1 x Owners Manual plus 2 “serious Air” business cards.
1x quality "garage style" tire inflator.
1 x valve removal tool.
1 x Nitto free flow adapter.
1 x pair Australian Std safety glasses.
1 x Blow gun.

Note 1.  Receiver tank not included and in most cases not required.